Beyond Birth Online Program


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This foundational program is for ALL parents or parents to be that are newly expecting or have a 0-12 week old infant. You will be immersed within the beautiful yet profound post partum period during this time.

Nikki’s passion lies in creating a supportive environment with an emphasis on practical and scientific strategies, you’ll learn and embody the basics of the latest approaches in conscious and intuitive parenting as well as techniques such as baby wearing for an exceptional start to your parenting journey. Within this beautiful workshop you will learn all about baby wearing, breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping, gentle sleep and settling, self care and care of each other, mindfulness, gratitude lists and so much more!



In this workshop you will be given all of the materials and attachment parenting tools to facilitate and support you on your new parenting journey.  These materials include:  ‘The Infant Care and Connection Workbook,’ 6x 20 minute videos with audio and demonstrations, handouts according to the six modules as well as email support and correspondance, because here at Earthway Parenting we believe that it takes a “village.”

The Weekly topics are as follows:

Module One:  An introduction into conscious and intuitive parenting:

  • What is attachment parenting?
  • Connection and communication with your newborn.
  • How does your baby communicate?

Module Two:  Breastfeeding:

  • An introduction into Breastfeeding.
  • Why is breastfeeding best for your baby?  Why is breastfeeding best for you as a new mum?
  • Quick and simple tips for a beautiful breastfeeding relationship.
  • All things poop!
  • Breastfeeding PROS/Bottle feeding PROS and why it’s OK to bottle feed your baby if you have given your ALL to your breastfeeding relationship.

Module Three:  Gentle Sleep and Settling:

  • The principles of safe wrapping and a demonstration.
  • Can I breastfeed my baby to sleep? Rocking my baby, am I setting up ‘Bad habits?’
  • How to gently settle my baby to sleep.
  • New mum overwhelm! Tips to feel more on top of ‘life’ stuff!
  • Crying It Out, Why it is SO old school!
  • Why it is OK to co-sleep SAFELY.

Module Four:  Baby wearing and bonding with your baby:

  • The CARRY rule of hand.
  • Baby wearing demonstration with a wrap and an ergo carrier.
  • How does my partner bond with our baby?

Module Five: Post partum care:

  • Visitor etiquette once your new baby is Earthside
  • What are the “baby blues?”
  • Post Natal Depression (PND) what is it? Am I susceptible?
  • Infant massage, what is it? (with a demonstration).
  • Self care and care of each other as a couple.

Module Six: Mindful parenting:

  • Ways to mindfully parent your newborn baby.
  • How to build a gratitude list.
  • Daily rituals, What is it? How can I incorporate this into my everyday?

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