Free Trial – Post Partum Care & Connection Workshop

“PostPartum Care is everything after birth.  It is skin to skin, it is allowing your new baby the space to latch on to your breast in its own time, it is establishing a breastfeeding relationship, it is learning to wrap your baby, change your baby and lotssss of nappy changes!”

It is exhaustion, and feeling sore, it is empowerment and inner strength, it is healing and a new beginning…

But most importantly it is CONNECTING it is a newfound CONSCIOUSNESS, it is INTUITION…

In this 14 day FREE trial you will be able to access and enjoy the complete “Baby wearing and bonding with your baby” module of the Post Partum Care & Connection Workshop. Also included in the trial is a 20% off code for Husband & Co. Baby wraps

Topics covered in module Four:  Baby wearing and bonding with your baby:

  • The CARRY rule of hand.
  • Baby wearing demonstration with a wrap and an ergo carrier.
  • How does my partner bond with our baby?

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