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“PostPartum Care is everything after birth.  It is skin to skin, it is allowing your new baby the space to latch on to your breast in its own time, it is establishing a breastfeeding relationship, it is learning to wrap your baby, change your baby and lotssss of nappy changes!”

It is exhaustion and feeling sore, it is empowerment and inner strength, it is healing and a new beginning…


Hello and WELCOME!

My name is Nikki Smith, I am Mama to three beautiful daughters, a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse.

I developed this unique online program to support you in feeling educated, informed and empowered, so that you can begin your unique parenting journey with confidence in yourself and in your new baby.

To be clear, the Beyond Birth online program is not a sleep program!

This online program was developed with your fourth trimester in mind, think of it as an online antenatal program!

I truly believe that as a new parent if you are educated and informed on what to expect when you bring your new baby home it will make for an easier transition, with far less overwhelm and much more time to enjoy your post partum.


The Beyond Birth online program has been developed to be a supportive, non judgemental space, providing you with evidence based research and realistic tools to help create a magical journey into parenting.

Are you pregnant?

Do you want to feel informed and educated on what to expect in your fourth trimester?

Do you want to feel knowledgeable and empowered on your new parenting journey?

  • This workshop is for you if you are interested in the background behind attachment parenting, conscious parenting and how to parent from your heart space in an authentic way.
  • This workshop is for you if you are parents that want to set up long term, successful breastfeeding habits.
  • This workshop is for you if you are a family wanting to learn more about co-sleeping.  The education and knowledge base behind it and why it is more than ok to do it.
  • This workshop is for you if you want to learn about baby wearing, wrapping your baby safely, and gentle sleep routines. I offer my Support and will help you to gain confidence in this as well as provide the education and information surrounding it.
  • This workshop is for you if you value your OWN self-care and your relationship with each other.

My intention behind developing the “Beyond Birth online program” was to make it easy for YOU!  So that you could stop searching the online world and not be feeling the ever familiar overwhelm that comes with all the “noise” that is out there.

I wanted to develop an online program that is interactive, informative and offers up to date research-based education that is holistic.  As new parents I want you to feel confident and empowered when you take your new baby home.

The online Beyond Birth program will support you in developing your OWN innate connection to your new baby, yourself as well as each other.

This foundational program is for ALL parents or parents to be that are newly expecting.

A few of the topics covered;

  • Adjusting to the fourth trimester.
  • Baby wearing.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Safe co-sleeping.
  • Hormonal shifts after your birth.
  • Education on post partum depression, post partum depletion and the signs to be aware of.
  • Self care, couple care and practical mindfulness tools for your new parenting journey.

Perfect if you want;

  • Support and guidance from a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and Mama of three.
  • Bite sized and relevant education as well as information on your unique post partum, delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.
  • An invitation to honour your unique fourth trimester, an opportunity to get informed and feel empowered before your baby is Earthside!

Here’s what you’ll receive within this time of COVID;

  • Six weeks of exclusive content.
  • Each of the six separate modules is also home to numerous other topics.
  • Each module covered has its own unique downloadable PDF documents designed to be a blueprint for you to refer back to during your babies first year.
  • All of the six modules have a video (of me chatting to you!) with audio and demonstrations such as baby wearing, infant massage and more!
  • Unlimited email support throughout this period of COVID 19!

All of this for $50 during the COVID crisis!

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Weekly topics are as follows:

Module One:  An introduction to conscious and intuitive parenting:

  • What is attachment parenting?
  • Connection and communication with your newborn.
  • How does your baby communicate?

Module Two:  Breastfeeding:

  • An introduction to Breastfeeding.
  • Why is breastfeeding best for your baby?  Why is breastfeeding best for you as a new mum?
  • Quick and simple tips for a beautiful breastfeeding relationship.
  • All things poop!
  • Breastfeeding PROS/Bottle feeding PROS and why it’s OK to bottle feed your baby if you have given your ALL to your breastfeeding relationship.

Module Three:  Gentle Sleep and Settling:

  • The principles of safe wrapping and a demonstration.
  • Can I breastfeed my baby to sleep? Rocking my baby, am I setting up ‘Bad habits?’
  • How to gently settle my baby to sleep.
  • New mum overwhelm! Tips to feel more on top of 'life' stuff!
  • Crying It Out, Why it is SO old school!
  • Why it is OK to co-sleep SAFELY.

Module Four:  Baby wearing and bonding with your baby:

  • The CARRY rule of hand.
  • Baby wearing demonstration with a wrap and an ergo carrier.
  • How does my partner bond with our baby?

Module Five: Post partum care:

  • Visitor etiquette once your new baby is Earthside
  • What are the “baby blues?”
  • Post Natal Depression (PND) what is it? Am I susceptible?
  • Infant massage, what is it? (with a demonstration).
  • Self-care and care of each other as a couple.

Module Six: Mindful parenting:

  • Ways to mindfully parent your newborn baby.
  • How to build a gratitude list.
  • Daily rituals, What is it? How can I incorporate this into my every day?

All of this for $50 during the COVID crisis!

Resources Included:

  • Once enrolled you will be able to download your copy of 'The Infant Care and Connection Workbook’
  • Each module will have its own video covering various topics, including some demonstrations
  • You will be able to download printable PDF handouts correlating t each of the topics discussed weekly.
  • PLUS you will receive unlimited email support throughout the period of your online program (during the COVID crisis) with Nikki Smith, Registered Nurse & Maternal Child & Family Nurse.

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