Online Gentle Parenting Programs

Hello and WELCOME!

My name is Nikki Smith, I’m a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse. I created this online space to support you with research and evidence based education and information to give you the knowledge, insight and information needed to begin your unique parenting journey.

These unique and wonderfully informative online programs have been developed with your early parenting years in mind.  I truly believe that as a new parent if you are educated and informed on what to expect when you bring your new baby home as well as supported with research based education and gentle parenting tools for the early parenting years, it will make for an easier, insightful, self empowered journey, with far less overwhelm and much more time to enjoy your family.

Both the Beyond Birth and Tuning into your Toddler online programs have been developed to be a supportive, non judgemental space, providing you with realistic tools to help create a magical journey into parenting.

I understand how valuable your time is. This is why I have developed two interactive online programs for your early parenting years, so that you and your partner can deep dive into the Beyond Birth Program and the Tuning into your Toddler Program at your own pace.

Our children are our gifts, they allow us to see more of ourselves.

I hope that you will join me on this journey

The Beyond Birth Online Program

Earthway Parentings online ‘Beyond Birth’ program is based around the successful, group programs developed and facilitated by Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and Maternal Child and Family Nurse.  

These programs have helped to not only support and prepare new parents but also to assist them on their own unique journey.  Nikki’s intention is to use the most up to date evidence based research to help to  inform, support and empower.

The Fourth Trimester is a crucial aspect of your new journey into parenthood,

Whilst most other antenatal classes typically center around only birth & the preparation for it and are very much women focused, Nikki recognises that birth is but a single milestone moment within an ongoing evolvement and transformation into a new journey, that is, parenthood.

Nikki focuses on you both as partners on this new & sometimes crazy journey.  Because once your baby has arrived, the real work begins and there is so little free time to learn ALL of the things!

This is where Nikki can help!

A few of the topics covered

  • Adjusting to the fourth trimester.
  • Baby wearing.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Safe co-sleeping.
  • Hormonal shifts after your birth.
  • Education on post partum depression, post partum depletion and the signs to be aware of.
  • self care, couple care and practical mindfulness tools for your new parenting journey.

Perfect if you want

  • Support and guidance from a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and Mama of three.
  • Bite sized and relevant education as well as supportive information offered up on your unique post partum, delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.
  • An invitation to honour your unique fourth trimester, a unique opportunity to get informed and feel empowered before your baby is even here!!

Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Six weeks of exclusive content.
  • Each of the six separate modules are also home to numerous other topics.
  • Each module covered has its own unique downloadable PDF documents designed to be a blueprint for you to refer back to during your babies first year.
  • All of the six modules have a video (of me chatting to you!) with audio and demonstrations such as baby wearing, infant massage and more!
  • Unlimited email support throughout the six months that you have access to the program (YEP!)

The Tuning into your Toddler Online Program

Earthway Parenting’s online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program is based around the successful, group programs developed and facilitated by Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and Maternal Child and Family Nurse.  

These programs have helped to support families throughout the tumultuous toddler years assisting parents on their journey into gentle and conscious parenting.

Nikki’s intention is to use the most up to date evidence based research to help to  inform, support and empower parents on their unique parenting journey.

Parenting is not linear. It takes growth, it takes time, it takes nourishment for self as well as them and it is always about a greater learning.

Whilst most parenting classes focus on discipline and how to ‘not yell!’ Nikki recognises that without any knowledge on your toddlers brain development, emotion regulation tools and a greater understanding of self, you wont be able to make a positive and gentle change within your family.

Nikki focuses on you both as partners on this unique aspect of your parenting journey.  Because once your toddler is around two the real work begins and there will be so little free time to learn ALL of the things!

This is where Nikki can help!

Topics covered are

Week one

  • Ages and stages from two years to five.
  • Brain development and theory from two years to five
  • Parenting styles
  • Your child’s unique temperament
  • Parenting on the same page

Week two

  • Tuning into your toddlers’ emotions
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Your toddlers’ BIG feelings
  • Anger
  • Are your childhood wounds triggering your reaction to your child’s behaviour?

Week three

  •  What is gentle discipline?
  • Gentle discipline tools
  • Practical alternatives to smacking
  • Owning your reaction and how to respond instead
  • Empathetic parenting

Week four

  • Practising self compassion
  • Mindfulness and breathwork
  • Journaling and prompts to start writing
  • Simple self care tools and couple care
  • Reclaiming the joy in your parenting journey

The online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program is

  •  A safe space where you will be given tools to handle upcoming stages of emotional development as well as a much broader understanding of your child’s developing brain.
  • An online program that will turn your parenting challenges into opportunities for growth, reflection and reconnection.
  • Where parents will gain knowledge and confidence in their own unique parenting style, as well as learn about their own child’s personal temperament.
  • A space where together we will identify triggers and learn simple tools to heal and reframe childhood wounds and/or experiences.
  • Where we will refine gentle parenting tools with a conscious parenting approach, we will get creative and delve into healthy boundaries, and how to put them into place within your home and life.
  • A space where we will discuss toddler tantrums and how to better deal with them ‘in the moment,’ as well as dive into the proven gentle discipline techniques, and tools that will help you parent your toddler respectfully.

Basically, you will learn how to sift through all of the ‘noise’ out there, whilst feeling supported and empowered with gentle parenting tools that you can implement straight away.

What’s included

  • The online Tuning into your Toddler program is run over four-week blocks.  You will receive the weeks topics and modules in your email inbox on the Sunday ready to consume that week! The content is delivered to you in a comprehensive, beautifully designed eBook which is downloadable and easy to read.
  • The NEXT four week block of the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program will be starting in early March 2020, further details with dates are to follow.
  • The online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program will be held within the Earthway Parenting Tuning into your Toddler Facebook community group, this will be a safe space for you to come to to discuss the weekly topics and support one another.
  • This community will be a supportive space for us to share concerns, articles, inspiration as well as to have a weekly Q & A with me to deep dive into the content that has been given to you pertaining to that particular week. We will explore the weeks topics and discuss anything that has come up for you and any questions that you may have.

NB ** For those participating in the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program you will automatically receive lifetime access to the group and the materials that are emailed to you upon registration and payment, please note that ALL materials are copyrighted therefore you cannot share with others.

AND for the FIRST TEN AUSTRALIAN registrations to register for the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program I will be gifting you a FREE A2 ‘conscious parenting poster, THE GIFTS THAT EVERY CHILD NEEDS,’ this will be delivered via snail mail (because I personally LOVE receiving mail that aren’t bills!) so if you could please pop your address in the box provided upon registration and payment I can send it off straight away!!