Conscious Parenting Online Workshops

Are you seeking a deeper knowledge of what to expect within your Post Partum period?  Are you craving support, guidance and a conscious yet kind approach to your toddler journey? Do you crave a supportive, non judgemental environment?  Are you ready to be informed and to feel empowered on your new and exciting journey into parenthood?

I understand how valuable your time is. This is why I have created an interactive online workshop just for you! So you and your partner to work through at your own pace.

Parents who trust themselves and their intuition, make competent, capable parents who believe in their own inner strength.

Online Parenting Workshops

All Earthway Parenting online workshops are based around the successful, parent led group workshops created and facilitated by Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse.  These workshops have helped to not only prepare new parents but also to assist them on their own unique journeys as parents.  Nikki’s intention is to inform as well as empower parents to trust their own innate instincts, to go with the flow of each unique day, whilst also maintaining a focus on  listening to their heart and trusting that ‘they already know the way.’


Post Partum Care & Connection Workshop

This foundational program is for ALL parents or parents to be that are newly expecting or have a 0-12 week old infant. You will be immersed within the beautiful yet profound post partum period during this time.

Nikki’s passion lies in creating a supportive environment with an emphasis on practical and scientific strategies, you’ll learn and embody the basics of the latest approaches in conscious and intuitive parenting as well as techniques such as baby wearing for an exceptional start to your parenting journey. Within this beautiful workshop you will learn all about baby wearing, breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping, gentle sleep and settling, self care and care of each other, mindfulness, gratitude lists and so much more!

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Tuning into Your Toddler Workshop

This eWorkshop will be available soon.

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