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Hello and WELCOME!

My name is Nikki Smith, I’m a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse. I created this space to give you the knowledge and information needed to begin your unique parenting journey.

To be clear, the Beyond Workshop is not a sleep program!

This online workshop was developed with your fourth trimester in mind.  I truly believe that as a new parent if you are educated and informed on what to expect when you bring your new baby home it will make for an easier transition, with far less overwhelm and much more time to enjoy your post partum.

The online workshop has been developed to be a supportive, non judgemental space, providing you with evidence based research and realistic tools to help create a magical journey into parenting.

Are you pregnant?

Do you have a newborn baby from 0-4 months old and want to be informed and educated on what to expect in your fourth trimester?

Do you want to feel knowledgeable and empowered on your new parenting journey?

This unique antenatal online workshop prepares you and your partner for the PERIOD AFTER BIRTH, when you take your newborn baby home. This time, as special and wonderful as it can be, can also be quite daunting and stressful.  The more prepared you are, the better you and your partner will cope whilst also staying connected.

I understand how valuable your time is. This is why I have developed an interactive online workshop just for you!  So that you and your partner can delve into the Beyond Birth Workshop at your own pace.

Our children are our gifts, they allow us to see more of ourselves.

The Online Beyond Birth Workshop

Earthway Parentings online ‘Beyond Birth’ workshop is based around the successful, group workshops developed and facilitated by Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Maternal Child and Family Nurse.  These workshops have helped to not only prepare new parents but also to assist them on their own unique journey as parents.  Nikki’s intention is to use the most up to date evidence based research to help to  inform as well as empower parents on their new parenting journey.  The Fourth Trimester is a crucial aspect of your new journey into parenthood,

Whilst most other antenatal classes typically center around only birth & the preparation for it and are very much women focused, Nikki recognises that birth is but a single milestone moment within an ongoing evolvement and transformation into a new journey, parenthood.  Nikki focuses on you both as partners on this new & unique journey.  Because once your baby has arrived, the real work begins and there is so little free time to learn ALL of the things!

This is where Nikki can help!

A few of the topics covered;

  • Adjusting to the fourth trimester.
  • Baby wearing.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Safe co-sleeping.
  • Hormonal shifts after your birth.
  • Education on post partum depression, post partum depletion and the signs to be aware of.
  • self care, couple care and practical mindfulness tools for your new parenting journey.

Perfect if you want;

  • Support and guidance from a Qualified Maternal Child and Family Nurse and Mama of three.
  • Bite sized and relevant education as well as information on your unique post partum, delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.
  • An invitation to honour your unique fourth trimester, an opportunity to get informed and feel empowered before your baby is Earthside!

Here’s what you’ll receive;

  • Six weeks of exclusive content.
  • Each of the six separate modules are also home to numerous other topics.
  • Each module covered has its own unique downloadable PDF documents designed to be a blueprint for you to refer back to during your babies first year.
  • All of the six modules have a video (of me chatting to you!) with audio and demonstrations such as baby wearing, infant massage and more!
  • Unlimited email support throughout the six months that you have access to the program (YEP!)



Beyond Birth Online Program

This foundational program is for ALL parents or parents to be that are newly expecting or have a 0-12 week old infant. You will be immersed within the beautiful yet profound post partum period during this time.

Nikki’s passion lies in creating a supportive environment with an emphasis on practical and scientific strategies, you’ll learn and embody the basics of the latest approaches in conscious and intuitive parenting as well as techniques such as baby wearing for an exceptional start to your parenting journey. Within this beautiful workshop you will learn all about baby wearing, breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping, gentle sleep and settling, self care and care of each other, mindfulness, gratitude lists and so much more!

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Tuning into Your Toddler Workshop

This eWorkshop will be available soon.

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Free Trial – Beyond Birth Workshop

This 14 day FREE trial is the complete Module 4, Baby wearing and bonding with your baby, from the Post Partum Care & Connection Workshop.

Take a look and get a feel for this beautiful workshop where you will learn all about baby wearing, breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping, gentle sleep and settling, self-care and care of each other, mindfulness, gratitude lists and so much more!

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